Association News - 21_CW26 - The official report of the frist meeting

As announced in our last news, we will meet again in exactly one month. We still hope that this second meeting, which was planned as a backup, can take place in reality as we all wish and that we do not have to resort to our video conferencing system again.

But one point was still open from the last meeting: namely the official report. As with the previous club meetings, you could already follow a little bit live what was going on during the four days. These bits and pieces were now merged into the report and supplemented with one or the other picture and above all funny quotations. Very important here is the traditional group photo, although it was again more of a group screenshot.

At this point we wish you a lot of fun reading the report of the annual meeting 2021 in the online edition (currently available only in German)! Your :dmxclogo DMXControl Team :dmxclogo