Association News - 21_CW24 - Night of Light 2021

About a year ago, we already posted a news about the first Night of Light. Since then, there has been both, temporary relief and again several tightening of Corona rules to fight against the effects of the pandemic. It has also been an eventful year for the event industry, too. New types of events arose and have been managed by the event industry. Improvements in financial support programs have also been achieved. Nevertheless, the situation in the event industry remains tense and various professionals have now turned to other fields of employment due to better prospects. Even we can see the impacts in the significantly reduced visits on our homepages and in the forum. Thus, the situation for the event industry and all people working directly or indirectly for this industry is still very tense. So it's time to set a sign for this industry again:

The Night of Light II

on the evening of 06/22/2021

Once again, many landmarks, venues, halls and buildings will be bathed in red light to draw attention to the event industry. Like last year, everyone will get an impression of how many livelihoods are directly or indirectly dependent on the restrictions that are currently still in place and the associated imponderables. Therefore, this second Night of Light is also a reminder to everyone to continue supporting the industry which was the first been influenced by the pandemic and will be the last to reopen any events.

A map with the supporters and illuminated buildings can be found on the official Night of Light page: Some of our club members are also participating in this action again. You too can do this by bathing your club, venue or even your balcony in red light on 06/22/2021.

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