Association News - 21_CW23 - DMXControl survey: the numbers, data, facts

Last fall we asked you in the context of our big DMXControl survey numerous questions about lighting technology in general, DMXControl 3 and a few other topics like web presences. Since our last survey was already some time ago, we wanted to make the development of you statistically tangible, but also ask questions about DMXControl 3 itself for the first time. Before we get into the depth here, we would like to give you first a general overview, how the circle of participants is composed and what surprised us in the whole survey.

The following can be said about the general numbers, data and facts:

  • 140 participants took part in our survey in whole or in part. More than half of them are also members here at our forum.
  • Only a small part of the participants is also working full-time in the event industry or are training or studying in this field. About three quarters of you are enthusiastic about lighting technology in your spare time.
  • The average age of our participants is around 35 years.

In addition to this and all the following statements, it should be noted that we deliberately did not vote within the team.

From a technical point of view, there were a few exciting developments when we compare the results with the old survey:

  • Especially in the area of LED spotlights, there is now many devices that are used by you on average, namely more than 20 pieces. Moving lights such as moving heads or scanners are also continuing to gain ground and are approaching an average of 10 devices. Of course, the numbers must also be seen in the context of the respective application: In fixed installations such as theaters or discotheques, there is always a tendency to use slightly more devices than in other places.
  • Classic or conventional spotlights are becoming increasingly less important. In the 2008 results, the answer that more than 20 classic PAR spotlights were used was found many times more frequently.
  • Corresponding to the increased number of fixtures, the number of DMX universes required is also increasing. A large tenor was 2020: the 16 DMX universes offered by DMXControl 3 are definitely enough. 70% of you already manage with a maximum of 2 DMX universes. For comparison: In 2008 the answer at this point was that for most of his time already 200 DMX channels - half a DMX universe - covered all requirements.
  • To control the lighting setup, Art-Net is the preferred way for about 38% of the participants. Behind them, the DE / FX5 interface and the Nodle U1 effectively share second place among the most popular DMX interfaces. Both USB DMX interfaces are very close to each other with around 24% and 21% respectively. 3rd place is occupied by the Entec DMX USB Pro with around 13%.
  • On the opposite side, namely the PC for a lighting control system, Windows 10 is used as the operating system for two thirds of you. The share of PCs with Windows 7, on the other hand, is only 10%.

You will certainly remember one point: In a first interim status during the current survey, we already looked at the most frequent use cases for which you work with DMX-controlled light. After the end of the survey, not much has moved here. For you, the areas club operation / disco party, small bands, live concerts, the own party cellar or family celebrations as well as the area theater are still the ones that make you reach for DMXControl or another DMX control solution.

Apart from the numerous value-neutral data, one thing has already surprised us very positively: You have made active use of the possibility of the free text answer. Partly there are even very detailed answers, which go far beyond the actual question. We looked at all these free-text answers and comments with great pleasure but also with a lot of effort. Paired with the value-neutral answers from the questions, they give us a good overall picture of how you see the software and the entire project and where the most important construction sites are from your point of view. Thank you very much again for this! Because this point would go beyond the scope of this news, you will find another news about our survey very soon. In this news we will answer this question.

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