DMXControl Convention 2021 - Special No. 9 - We are still in our QRM

After we have met from 19 o'clock on for our QRM, we have discussed at least with the normal agenda items. We have presented a few current developments of DMXControl 3.3 to the beta testers. With this presentation, we want to give the beta testers some basic information so that they can test accordingly. This presentation has already lasted about 1.5 hours. After that we took a look at the current timeline for DMXControl 3.3 to sync all. This presentation was followed by some discussions about various tickets that are currently causing some problems. Here, various tickets were addressed in the forum, which we see as relevant for the usability. This includes, for example, ticket FS#4279 about the color models when fading between two cues. We also talked about the manual beat and the master window. Lastly, and this is where we are currently still at, we have a review of the current QRM process, so what is going well and what needs to be improved.

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