DMXControl Convention 2021 - Special No. 7 - Of long nights and the Sams

The spookie silence yesterday lasted a little while, while step by step the members went to bed. Only the hard core of members kept working (as always the usual suspects). Those guys worked and discussed on parts for DMXControl 3.3. All in all, the night was quite short, because now the first ones are already online again. This morning the first DMXControl 3 tickets were fixed, for example a problem with the installer for 3.3, because some files were not packed into the installer. In addition, we currently work on a problem with the new chaser effect. In addition, the IT team is currently in the process of adapting and consolidating our server structure to make it a bit simpler again.

About today's topicks: This Saturday, the Sams will not come to us ("Sams" from "Samstag", the german word for Saturday), but the beta testers will, because we have our quarterly QRM tonight at 7 pm together with the beta testers. Before, we have our developer meeting at 2pm, where DMXControl 3.3 is on the agenda.

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