DMXControl Convention 2021 - Special No. 1 - Here we go again...

Like every year on the long Ascension weekend we start with our annual club meeting. Normally the preparations for this start weeks before, to rent the location, to organize accommodation and catering, to set up the time schedule for the four days and to properly invite the club members to the annual general meeting. This year, many things are again different than usual because, of course, we are not allowed to meet yet "live and in color" due to the high incidence levels. So we are not in Stuttgart, Germany as originally planned, but start our meeting today online like last year. Compared to last year, there are also changes, because we will not hold our annual general meeting this weekend, but move it to the summer. So we now have quite a lot of freedom in planning, which is why the plans for this weekend are not as detailed as usual.

Our schedule for today includes the official welcome by the board and the traditional marketing analysis at 7 PM. Here we look back on the last year and see where we are at the moment. Before that, as "preshow events", there are already meetings between the developers, who would like to take a look at all of our DMXControl 3 branches in our Git during the morning. They want to decide which of them are still needed, which are already finished and can be merged with the main branch, and which have become obsolete and can therefore be deleted. In addition, the IT infrastructure team will meet in the afternoon to discuss the current situation and further goals for the team.

We will of course give you status updates again on what is going on right now at our meeting.

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