Developer News - 21_CW10 - Livestream and more.

As we have already announced, our next livestream will take place on Saturday, 13.3.2021 at 20:00. This time there will be several premieres. Of course, it is primarily about the preview of DMXControl 3.2.2. We have already mentioned that we are in the development of this version. However, we have not shown you anything from this version yet. We would like to change that now with this premiere: On Saturday we will show you some of the functions, which are so far ready, that we are sure, that they will come into the final version of DMXControl 3.2.2. So you get now already a rough overview of the innovations of DMXControl 3.2.2.

Also, there are changes on the side of the moderators. For the first time we have Patrick from the developers team as a host on board. He will show us some of the innovations in the software, which he has significantly worked on. Arne will be in charge of the image direction this time in the background. We also have Joseph back on board as a host. You've already heard him in a livestream, but this will be his first time with camera. Both hosts are joined by the Stefan and Jens-Peter, completing the well proven team of 4 hosts in front of the cameras. Another well-tried thing is that we will again schedule one hour for the livestream. So it can go longer again... :D

The livestream on Saturday also has a small impact on our tutorial series. On Friday, the weekly tutorial video will be cancelled this week. But the livestream should compensate that. Next week we will have a tutorial video again as usual.

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