Association News - 21_CW09 - The DMXC-Wiki does not rest at all

After the hot phase for the preparation of our DMXControl advent calendar in the DMXC-Wiki relatively little was going on, the activities picked up again in the past weeks. Admittedly, not much of it is to be seen in the foreground. Most of it was going on under the hood.

One important point is that we are now centralizing the formatting of the numerous tables that describe, for example, the icons of the menu bar or the inputs and outputs of the nodes in the Input Assignment, and putting them on a common basis. This simplifies the addition of individual entries, but especially the creation of new tables in further pages immensely. In addition, this modification also lays certain foundations for further improvements and extensions. We will report on what is behind this in due course. There is one positive aspect for you: You can see that the documentation of some nodes has already been updated after some changes and improvements have been made in the meantime.

Two more things you have probably seen: the start page of the DMXC-Wiki has been updated a bit, so you can jump directly to our video tutorials from there. By the way, the same applies to some articles themselves. Among other things, in the articles on Stage View, Fanning, the Control Panel or Device Control, you will now find the corresponding videos. This way you have everything together in a compact way and need to search less and less in different places. But again: it will take some time until all articles are completed.

A third optimization concerns primarily the article to the Cuelist. This counts in the area of the documentation to DMXControl 3 to one of the longest. So that the clarity is not lost here, and you find faster the available information, we have moved the first larger sections into separate articles. This also has the advantage that the associated videos, which already exist or are planned, can be assigned even more specifically.

So, you see: even if there was not much content added to the DMXC Wiki in the past weeks, there was a lot to do. And this will not change so fast. Among other things, the documentation of the Softdesk will be improved. Another item on the ToDo list is the MIDI section, where the documentation will follow as well.

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