Developer News - 21_CW13 - DMXControl 3 goes international - Help us!

At the beginning DMXControl 3 was only available in English. This had several reasons. On the one hand many technical terms like blackout, dimmer, shutter, etc. come from the English language and so it was obvious to keep also the GUI in English. In addition we wanted DMXControl 3 to be a little more internationally. Another reason is the easier support, because there is only one name for a function (namely the English one). However, among the German users the question for a German version came up again and again. So we have introduced the German translation with DMXControl 3.2.0 after many requests and longer hesitation. For this a new language system was integrated into DMXControl 3. It searches now in a language file, if there is a translation for a displayed string. If yes, then display the translated version, if no, just display the English ones.

Gradually we have translated all texts of the GUI of DMXControl 3 to German, if one disregards the technical terms still kept in English and the not translatable places (for example in the device control). Therefore it is now time to support further languages. So we say Salut, Hola, 你好, こんにちは, Ciao, Hej, Hallo, Привет, Xin chào and nuqneH to the new languages. So now we have added French, Spanish, Chinese, Japanese, Italian, Danish, Dutch, Russian, Vietnamese and Klingon to the possible languages. We are also already translating the first languages ourselves. For this we use an online tool, which supports the translation and displays all corresponding texts. However, we absolutely need your help for the translation! On the one hand to translate more texts, and on the other hand to look through the already existing translations and maybe find some more accurate translations.

So just have a look at https://translate.dmxcontrol-p…rojects/dmxcontrol-3/gui/. There you can suggest translations for further texts, which will be added after a review.

Your :dmxclogo DMXControl-Team :dmxclogo