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DMXControl 3 is known to be one of the freeware offerings on the market of solution for PC-based lighting control systems. Our software is used by many different users, not only from the hobby sector. Also, in the (semi-) professional area DMXControl 3 finds numerous users and connoisseurs. Accordingly, the application scenarios to drive a light show with DMXControl 3 are diversified. However, all people equally appreciate the fact that the software is stable and reliable, and that support of any kind is possible quickly and easily due to the large community.

Part of this success is also our beta tester team of many years, with which we have already tested several new versions of DMXControl 3. You are a big help for us and make sure that DMXControl is constantly improving. Therefore, you as a community may mark this post here with a "like" as a sign. Finally, the beta testers are there for you to increase the quality of the software.

In order to guarantee a large test coverage also in the future in the context of the closed beta test for a new version of DMXControl 3 and also other offers from our association and to be able to publish straight DMXControl 3 in a very reliably working development state, we are constantly on the search for new comrades-in-arms.


Work with open eyes and consciously with the software during the beta test.

  • Test new functions in DMXControl 3 extensively and independently, including working methods that are unfamiliar and not your own.
  • Try to reproduce repaired errors again, in order to be able to understand the success of the error correction.
  • In the case of error to reproduce this in such a way that the cause for the fast error correction can be traced back ideally to a small program part.
  • Document new errors or other problems as detailed as necessary by providing log files, screenshots, a simple test project or even a short video in our BugTracker for third parties.
  • Regular and independent review of the progress of the beta test and corresponding documentation in our test overview, also to avoid multiple reported bugs.
  • Participation in our beta tester meetings for regular coordination and alignment of test tasks or development status.


  • You are enthusiastic and fascinated by lighting technology as a whole and really thrive on creating new, pre-programmed light shows or doing live lighting.
  • You know DMXControl 3 well and can independently build your own small project with the software.
  • You are ready to sit down regularly in your free time in front of the PC, both to perform tests, to document the results and to be able to answer questions as soon as possible.
  • You are ambitious to find errors that cannot be reproduced the next time. Situations that set you back several times in your test do not deter you.
  • You have a certain curiosity, especially to test new functions despite the lack of information at the beginning, and you independently find approaches to test this in different ways.
  • You use a PC with a current Windows version for the test and ideally even have access to a second PC or laptop.
  • You have been active in our forum and bug tracker in the past and have already contributed to the further development of our software.


During a beta test you are by no means alone. Therefore, we offer you

  • an exchange on a personal level with the other beta testers, for example through our regular virtual meetings.
  • with our BugTracker, a central overview as well as other corresponding internal areas to effectively accompany the beta test and to be able to quickly identify the current weak points.
  • a very open team, also internally, with whom you can discuss many things very well.
  • the possibility to actively participate in the future design of DMXControl 3 and other offers beyond the beta test by participating in our Quartaly Release Meetings (QRMs) or by supporting the documentation in the DMXC-Wiki.


If we have aroused your interest and you are willing and able to support us in the beta tests on a long-term basis, please send us your application via the following link: https://forum.dmxcontrol-proje…ndex.php?user-group-list/.

Your :dmxclogo DMXControl Team :dmxclogo

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