Association News - 21_CW06 - The "Not-a-News"-News

The word "news" already contains the word "new". It describes, what new things has happened in the last week. But what if there is simply nothing new to report? It is not the case that we had not done anything.

We could report that the beta test for version3.2.2 is still running and that the beta testers got another version to test. We could also report that we met as usual on Sunday for our weekly club meeting to discuss the club situation. Another topic to report would be that we started planning this year's annual meeting as we do every year. Or we could report that purchases were made in the store as usual, including some Nodle R4S. We could, of course, report that new Nodle R4S are now available in the store once again. But we could also report that we have internally updated the structuring of the teams on a rotational basis. Or we could report about the fact that new DMXControl 3 explanatory videos have been produced and that also the manual in the DMXC Wiki continues to grow. What we could also report is that the thread "DMXControl 3 explainer videos" you asked for, where we collect all new videos for you, has now been created as well. And we could also report that the developers have continued working on the code of DMXControl 3 again as usual.

But all this is the daily business for us and nothing new. Just normal everyday life at DMXControl Projects e.V.... :saint:

Your :dmxclogo DMXControl-Team :dmxclogo