End-of-Year Review: Looking forward to a hopefully better 2021

Dear DMXControl Community,

2020, what a year. I am certain this year will be remembered by each of us for quite a while. The event business was struck by Corona very hard. Even within our team we faced that. Additionally we had to cancel both our yearly face-2-face meetings and had to replace them with virtual ones. Due to the fact that we as an association have been organizing our work primarily via the internet from the beginning, there has been no major impact in our capability to work on our topics. That's the reason that 2020 is not less successful then the previous years if we just look at the results. Nevertheless we hope that we can meet in person again in 2021.

We released DMXControl 3.2.1 and made major progress in the DMXControl 3.3 development branch. The 3.2.2 is currently being tested, and we expect a release within the 1st quarter of 2021. We kept up our weekly news, made huge progress in our wiki documentation, and for the final of 2020, we released a series of tutorial videos on YouTube. I am excited about the last one, because at the end of 2019 we set ourselves the goal do advance our documentation landscape in 2020. And we made it happen, despite the unusual circumstances.

For the tremendous work the whole DMXControl Projects e.V. team pulled off I want to say thank you to the whole team. Also to you, our community who is keeping up the friendly, newcomer welcoming culture in our forum I want to say thank you to everybody. You are awesome!

I wish you all a happy new year 2021 and that it will be a boring one (compared to 2020) ^^

Best regards

Arne Lüdtke

1st chairman of DMXControl Projects e.V.