DMXControl Convention 2020 the second one - Special No. 14 - The keys clatter and there is smoke

Actually, the only thing on the schedule today would have been the departure after the last joint breakfast, so in terms of content, not much would have happened. But since one or the other would have had a longer driving time in front of him or her, a day of vacation or the reduction of overtime was announced in advance not only for Friday, but also for today's Monday. Due to the general situation, these days were set in stone and so a small group is now sitting together. All of them let the keys clatter together in different ways and create a variety of smoke clouds.

Causes for these smoke clouds are, as so often, various tricky bugs in the software, graphic programs that need a little bit of emphasis to achieve the desired result, the own PC hardware - and: our hardware test server. As reported the problems with the hardware of our hardware test server could be solved. The morning started with getting the actual tests going one by one. Except for a few points the result is crowned with success and the automated tests are working again.

But the realization of the day is: even a good developer resorts to classical tools to illustrate a problem in between. A short sketch made with coloured pencils led to the solution of the puzzle faster than hours of thought in the head before.

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