DMXControl Convention 2020 the second one - Special No. 13 - Todey it ended a little bit earlier

After the discussion with our guest was over, we worked diligently on our topics again. So some bugs in DMXControl 3.2 were fixed, like the problem that the RTC trigger does not trigger at midnight. This has recently been noticed by one of our members and is now fixed. Furthermore we worked on different topics (here again a reference to our menu strip ;)) and prepared some things. Also our hardware corner has been working hard on firmwares and is chasing a bug that was found tonight. But after several hours of unsuccessful search, this work was postponed until tomorrow. So now only the last three members are still active. The rest went to sleep to be fit again tomorrow or because they have to go to work. However, a productive day is coming to an end for us as well.

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