DMXControl Convention 2020 the second one - Special No. 7 - The developer meeting is just finished

Yesterday evening we agreed that this morning belongs to the developers. Traditionally, the sessions, which otherwise always take place at the end of the month, always went deep into the evening. But there were no less topics that needed to be discussed, and so the scheduled three hours just flew by. On the agenda were topics such as the current and future development activities in the area of DMXControl 3 itself. Discussion points were, among other things, further improvements in the Softdesk and other parts of the GUI. Further discussions will take place this evening in our QRM meeting. We did not only deal with topics around DMXControl 3, but also took a look at the general maintenance activities of otherwise working projects like the DDFLibrary to see if there is a need for such a service.

After the lunch break the marketing team meets in the afternoon for its monthly meeting, where the upcoming activities of the next weeks are coordinated.

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