Association News - 20_CW48 -About a Beginning and an End

At the beginning of the month we had already reported that we unfortunately had to replace our second attempt of a physical meeting with an online event. This second meeting now starts on Friday. Some of our members have taken a vacation on Friday (as well as on Monday) and meet (online, of course) from 9am on to work on our hardware server. We use this server for the tests of the different DMX interfaces with DMXControl 3 and it will be upgraded with new hardware. Now you ask yourselves surely, how one can work together virtually on a piece of hardware. That is however simply explained. The hardware server is located in the basement of one of our members and this member will do the hardware upgrade, while the others will adjust the software and the control of our Jenkins accordingly.

But this is only one of the topics for our meeting. Friday evening will be the official start in the big round. Afterwards we will go into our individual teams to work on different topics. But the exact time schedule for the individual meetings is not fixed yet. We will fix it on Friday evening. The only thing that's already fixed is another date: We will have our QRM on Saturday evening (see Developer News - 20_CW13 - How does this work, a release? (part 3)) for DMXControl 3, in which it will again be about the current status and the planning of new features. As you see, our meeting will be a working meeting this time which is why there will be no livestream. Nevertheless, we will of course report about the current situation as usual with various special news.

At the end of this news we come to the announced end: Our DMXControl survey is nearly one month online. We will close it at the end of next week (Sunday, December 6th at 7 pm). So if you haven't taken part yet, we would be happy if you still do so. Of course you still have the chance to participate in the raffle.

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