Association News - 20_CW51 - Our Book is available again

About 11 years ago we got together and published the book Lichttechnik für Einsteiger (Lighting Technology for Beginners) with Elektor Verlag. The extremely successful book, which received mostly positive reviews, contained a lot of information on how to get started in lighting technology and some explanations of important terms. It also contained hardware projects to tinker some useful small gadgets. So you could build things like a beamer shutter with relatively simple means.

Since the book was written, a lot of time has passed and there have been fundamental changes in the possibilities in some places with the occurance of LED technology. In addition, with today's microcontrollers, much more is possible in hardware projects and access to them is much easier. Since we did not have time to rewrite the book and sales were slowly but steadily declining, the book was discontinued in the second half of 2018. Nevertheless, some of the other topics such as the explanations of technical terms or the basic structure of shows are still valid in this way. Since, contrary to what was planned, we still have not time for a new edition, but wanted to make the information available for beginners, we spoke once again with Elektor Verlag. For this reason, Elektor Verlag has now published the book Lichttechnik für Einsteiger as an e-book. So if you are a beginner, you now have a guide that explains the most important topics in an understandable way (in german).

The book can now be found at the following link for 9,90€:

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