Association News - 20_CW46 - A first update around our DMXControl survey

Before we tell you something about the survey: A big thank you to all participants who have already completed the survey. There are more than we hoped for. Almost 60 members of our community have already given us their personal feedback in this way. If you take a closer look at the already existing answers, there is another reason to be happy: You have made active use of the opportunity to respond intensively to our "free text questions". Many thanks for this!

Because we think that some of you would certainly like to participate in our survey and that this has only been postponed in your minds: Don't worry. You will still be able to participate in our survey for a certain time. This also applies to our raffle. So, we are looking forward to your answers. You can still find the survey at: Please note that there are still problems on mobile devices when using the mobile version of Firefox (this is a bug in the current Firefox versions). Therefore, please use another browser or the desktop version of Firefox.

A very interesting result is your answer to the question "What do you usually use your DMX controller for?”. Here five areas crystallize, where the DMX control is used accordingly. These include live concerts, followed by small bands and disco parties. The areas theatre and party cellar / small family celebrations follow with only small distance directly behind. All in all, this question alone - without mentioning the concrete percentages here - shows how broad the fields of application are. Regardless of which software or which console is used: this is the challenge that all developers (our development team, of course) face: To create a solution that can be used by as many interested parties as possible.

We will show you the detailed graphics for this, but also for further questions after the survey is finished. So, you can be curious how the other members have already answered our questions or will do so in the future.

With this in mind: Have fun with our survey and good luck to all those who will also participate in our raffle!

Your :dmxclogo DMXControl Team :dmxclogo