Association News - 20_CW30 - Our report of the community meeting is finished

Due to external circumstances we shifted our traditional annual meeting to the World Wide Web without further ado, after it became clear in the days before Ascension Day that a physical meeting would not be possible at that time. Fortunately, we had set up our own video conferencing system only a few weeks before, so this was a rather pleasant substitute: we could have a great time from Thursday to Sunday and in parts revive the atmosphere of the traditional meeting.

As is well known, the atmosphere of the classic meeting also includes our report on the annual meeting. Some of you may have stumbled across the preliminary version or the working document in the wiki. But now we have given the report a final polish and added some details and especially the group screenshot.

We hope you enjoy reading the report on the annual meeting 2020 in the online edition (in German)! Your :dmxclogo DMXControl Team :dmxclogo