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DMXControl 3 is known to be very flexible in programming a show. At any time the complete device patch can be exchanged with a few mouse clicks. Also individual concepts for the operation with the softdesk, a MIDI controller, the StreamDeck or with the 3D mouse can be created since the release of DMXControl 3.2.0. However, with the creation of this flexibility one can spend quite a lot of time because of the nearly unlimited possibilities. So what to do if you rely on a certain basic framework every time?

The keyword here is: DefaultProject.zip. DMXControl 3 supports a template project, which will be loaded on the startup of DMXControl 3 or the creation of a new project. This template project can contain any content. So you can store softdesks in it, prepare the input assignment for different actions or operating concepts, patch frequently used devices or create cuelists for standard scenarios. You save this project on the usual way under the name DefaultProject.zip and move it into the Config-folder where the other configuration data the Kernel of DMXControl 3 is located. Typically, the path to it is C:\Users\{USERNAME}\AppData\Roaming\DMXControl Projects e.V\DMXControl\Kernel\Config, where {USERNAME} is the name of the current user of the PC. You can quickly access the AppData folder in Windows Explorer by typing %Appdata% in the address bar. If you have moved the configuration directory of DMXControl by means of the environment variable, you must look there accordingly.

If you need your own template project no more, you need to delete the file DefaultProject.zip only. Then DMXControl 3 starts with a completely empty project.

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