Association News - 20_KW25 - Night of Light

Since 14.03.2020, various regulations have been in force almost throughout Germany, which have brought activities in the event industry to a virtual standstill. While the weeks before had been characterized by the fact that companies, but also self-employed people such as event technology specialists, DJs, freelance light operators, sound and system technicians could hardly be saved from orders and could be happy about full order books, the date changed this more or less at a stroke. This standstill lasts until today, what even we as an association can read in the use statistics of our offers: also in the semi-professional area and in the hobby area the operating hours of DMXControl in the productive use might tend almost to 0.

On 22.06.2020, this standstill of an entire branch of the German economy now lasts 100 days. On this date, LK AG from Essen launched the Night of Light, which is already being joined by numerous companies from Germany. Around 3,000 buildings will shine in red in the night from 22.06. to 23.06.2020 - as a flaming appeal and cry for help from all those who are currently unable to pursue their jobs and passions. The Night of Light is intended to show everyone how complex and multi-layered the event industry is and therefore one of the largest sectors of the economy.

However, it is not only large and medium-sized companies that are affected by these existential fears. The same applies also to the semi-professional area, the hobby area or even other associations and honorary cultural institutions - that is to say the people who cavort in our forum and who have with DMXControl a tool in the hand to follow their passion: to prepare again other people an unforgettable experience in form of a beautiful light show, a theatre performance, dance evening or comparable.

Since we all wish that the time of the Corona pandemic will soon be over and that everyone will be able to pursue their passion for entertaining a large number of fellow human beings in a visual way afterwards, we support the Night of Light in a virtual way - by inviting you to participate in the Night of Light as far as possible.

All further information about the Night of Light can be found at An interactive map will also show you who in your area is supporting the Night of Light and where which buildings are illuminated. Maybe you can even find someone to support with your equipment to carry the appeal of the Night of Light out into the night together.

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