DMXControl Convention 2020 - Special No. 14 - It's going to an end

Normally, all members would already be back home with their families by this time. Usually, after cleaning up and the last common breakfast, the members have to say "goodbye" in the morning to start their way home. Due to the virtual meeting and the resulting elimination of the travel route, there were still some participants in the video conferencing system throughout the day. In spite of the physical distance, various bugs were repaired together until late in the evening, new, smaller features were prepared and the development environments and related projects were updated in teamwork.

So after the intensive discussions on Thursday and Friday, the last two days were again very productive from several perspectives. In all areas, the projects were pushed forward a good deal, and some of them were even completed. And even though the meeting did not have the official, familiar character due to the virtual version, it will be remembered by all participants. The virtual annual meeting was a meeting that brought everyone together through the cameras and the browser and was very fun. But it was also a meeting, where all participants missed the physical component: the traditional opening by Christian with the marketing analysis, the barbecue in the evening and above all always new meetings in small groups, where one can take the current projects of the person opposite in hand. In the end, the hope remains that we can meet again physically at a later date.

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