DMXControl Convention 2020 - Special No. 8 - What about marketing?

As every year, the teams within our association use this opportunity to discuss special topics from "their" areas. The whole afternoon was now dedicated to the marketing team, whereas before the development team mainly discussed topics around the Jenkins and a training of Arne on asynchronous programming. The main topics of the marketing team were mainly documentation activities. Due to the possibilities offered by our virtual meeting, parts of the other teams also dropped by during the session. The animated discussion showed that the end of the flag days has definitely not yet been reached. In particular, the quick and easy accessibility of the documentation is currently in need of improvement and the start page in the Wiki is also to be given a makeover soon. Nevertheless, the basic path taken is pleasing. Other topics included the shop. Now, however, again time is for the more or less detached work, until it then in the evening once again in a big block of topics about the future of DMXControl 3 - in our big QRM meeting.

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