DMXControl Convention 2020 - Special No. 5 - Developer Training in the Evening

After we have finished our annual general meeting which lasted for a little more than two hours, we continued to work on the topics (among other things on DMXControl 3). There was a lot of talking and also some laughing. Thus it is not completely like one of our usual conventions, a certain meeting feeling arises nevertheless.

Part of our conventions are also trainings in which parts of our team are trained by other members on a certain topic. So right now. Our developers are currently trained in asynchronous programming by Arne since about 19:30. Asynchronous programming means, for example, that time-consuming calculations are moved to other, asynchronous computing processes so that the calculation does not block the main process. Without async programming, the program interface freezes during the calculation. This is not a desired behavior for programs. Arne shows us how to build up asynchronous programs and what you have to consider. In particular, he also explains what pitfalls are there, because in asynchronous programming a so-called deadlock can easily occur. The program then does not react at all, because it waits internally until infinity.

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