We proudly present: The Firmware 1.06 for the Nodle U1

When we released the Nodle Interface, one of the reasons for this decision was that only by having access to the source code of the interface, we can adapt or upgrade functions. This do not work or work poorly with interfaces from other manufacturers. About two years ago we already had an update, at that time with the new repeater function (here again to read up: Vereinsnews - 18_KW09 - Pimp-my-Nodle / Nodle-Firmware 1.04 , only in German). And now another update for the interface follows.

We are now adding a so-called Heartbeat function. Thereby the interface sends now in regular intervals a short sign of life signal to DMXControl 3. So DMXControl 3 now recognizes whether the interface is still active or not and can warn immediately if the communication to the interface is lost. This makes the use of the interface even more secure, because you can now react faster in case of problems.

You'll find the new firmware on the project website: https://dmxcontrol-projects.org/en/projects/nodle-u1.html To flash the new firmware onto the Nodle Interface, you can simply use Atmel Flip according to the nodle instructions in the repository. We hope you like the new feature of the interface and wish you a lot of fun using it.

Your :dmxclogo DMXControl team :dmxclogo