Developer News - 20_CW17 - Numbers, Data and Facts about DMXControl 3 (2020)

More than three and a half years ago we once had a post with some numbers and comparisons to the source code of DMXControl 3 (here again to read up: Entwicklernews - 16_KW27 - Zahlen, Daten, Fakten zu DMXControl 3 (only available in German)). Since some time has passed, we thought we would take a look at the current status.

As you surely know, DMXControl 3 is written in the programming language C#, which is a language of the .Net Framework of Microsoft. There are according to current state (2020-04-22) about 399,340 code lines in the source code of the DMXControl 3.2.X development branch. Compared to 2016, a total of about 84,350 lines of code have been added and some more have been changed. The current project directory contains about 2,960 source files, which means an increase by more than 600 files. In addition to these numbers, there are some files and lines of code for plugins that are maintained in separate repositories (such as the 3DConnexion plugin). So the Jenkins counts a few more lines of code in the build process, namely about 459,970 lines of code. Meanwhile the Jenkins tests with about 1,635 tests the different functions of DMXControl 3 to discover as early as possible in the development process if an existing function was broken during the development. Our Jenkins currently needs about 17 minutes to create a new version (including the actual building and testing of DMXControl 3 as well as the assembly of the installer). Since beginning altogether 12 developers have written code for DMXControl 3. In addition, there are other DMXControl Projects e.V. members who have managed the repository, for example, or our translation tool, which automatically updates the language strings. This means that a total of 8310 commits were carried out. But the development does not stand still and already tomorrow the numbers could have been changed. But how much you will see at latest with the next "Numbers, Data and Facts about DMXControl 3".

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