Developer News - 20_CW06 - A new turn, a new turn!

With the release of DMXControl 3.2.0 in autumn of last year many innovations and changes came into the software with the new Input Assignment, the new Softdesk and some detail improvements. Even if we were sure that DMXControl 3 still runs very stable, it was clear to us that we will publish another one short afterwards because of the amount of innovations and changes. On the one hand, this is intended to supplement some features in the Input Assignment and the Softdesk that were not completed for feature freeze. These features include some new nodes in Input Assignment and other improvements in Softdesk.

With the upcoming version we will also fix problems that were only found with the wide use by many users. On the other hand, we are now correcting small things we found since the last release. Also, we plan that the Audio Analyzer Plugin will be content of DMXControl 3.2.1 again. Unfortunately its current version is incompatible to DMXControl 3.2.0. But at last years DevCon the plugin was adapted to the new conditions (e.g. the Input Assignment).

Therefore, the beta test for DMXControl 3.2.1 has been running again for some weeks now and our beta testers have got the third beta version for testing meanwhile. So be curious what changes this version has to offer.

By the way: What the feature freeze is about and how our developers work when we are are facing a release of a version, we will take a closer look at in one of the following news.

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