Association News - 20_KW04 - Something about a name

Sometime in 2002, Stefan Krupop needed a flexible way to control the light in the auditorium of a secondary school in Braunschweig. Here the decision was made to program a lighting control software according to his ideas. What started as a small program for personal use was to become one of the most successful free-ware lighting control programs worldwide. And the name? Indeed: DMX control! Why? The software simply needed a name, so it was obvious to base the name on the main task of the software, which would be to control different fixtures via the DMX protocol. And since the German name "DMX steuern" sounds kind of stupid and DMX control is a bit "meaningless" – just imagine the sentence "I work with DMX steuern" - the English word for "steuern" came into the focus of the name finding.

Since DMX-Control 1 was never available for the general public, the hyphen disappeared with version 2 directly from the name and DMXControl was born – without spaces, without a second "L" or even a "ler" at the end.

And indeed, from this time on, this name not only shaped the team that fought for Stefan and together with him took the software to new levels. Also, the association, under whose care all activities around the software are united meanwhile, carries the name DMXControl.

Finally: even the latest version of our software carries the name DMXControl since the release of the first public beta version. Here of course, however, with the addition 3, because the basic thought with the start of the development was that it concerns here a potent and potential successor of the DMXControl 2 estimated in the meantime by many people. Over the past years, some opinions and views may have changed on various points in software, but also in hardware – for whatever reasons. But one of the most constant decisions is what our software is called: DMXControl! And we will defend this name until – well... we will continue to contact anyone who becomes inventive in the matter of names for our lighting control software.

Your :dmxclogo DMXControl-Team :dmxclogo

PS.: To whom the name DMXControl is too long when typing especially on the mobile phone... A popular abbreviation is DMXC – without spaces, special characters and everything in capital letters.