Association News - 20_KW02 - Documentation offensive

Maybe you have stumbled over it already that there was increasing activity in the last weeks in the background of the German DMXControl wiki? Or have any of you seen the change on the start page of the Wiki? The list about the current topics for DMXControl 3 takes now a clearly bigger space than for the user reports or DMXControl 2.

During the last months, some articles with a little, sometimes even with a little more content have been written in the background, explaining the current state of the software. Also, the table of contents of the manual of DMXControl 3 is now different since a few days and shows at first sight a certain progress. Certainly, one has discovered a description of a function in the meantime, which he or she did not know yet. As we mentioned it at the beginning: We would like to try to reduce the backlog in the documentation for DMXControl 3 a little bit this year.

Admittedly, everything looks to have been served quite well somehow. Unfortunately, we must take away a part of your joy about the documentation, because

  • apart from a few exceptions, we have so far not updated any pictures or icons for testing purposes.
  • just in the area of the Input Assignment large parts of the description of the nodes which came in with DMXControl 3.2 is missing. And in the next version there are also some new ones.
  • the tutorial for DMXControl 3 was not touched yet at all. You will only find comments that it does not correspond to the current version. Likewise, after approximately 7 years and numerous changes and improvements in DMXControl 3 it was not examined yet whether the currently available version of the tutorial has a good structure.
  • the English-speaking part is still completely lagging behind.

You will certainly notice many more points while reading and you will come across gaps in content. Just by the numerous threads around the new Input Assignment in the forum the power of DMXControl 3 is well recognizable. However, the high degree of new and perhaps also unique flexibility brought the problem of documentation in this section. And this will take a lot of time and diligence in the next months anyway - because our development team is still working on the further development of DMXControl 3.

As we said in our New Year's address: We need certainly further active support. If someone want to support us by writing small articles for the manual or could even imagine a longer-term collaboration, please contact us via the communication channels you are familiar with. We would be delighted.

Your :dmxclogo DMXControl-Team :dmxclogo