End-of-Year Review: We wish you a happy new year!

Dear DMXControl Community,

The year 2019 is coming to an end and we as DMXControl Projects e.V. are looking back on a very busy but also successful year 2019. Beside the release of DMXControl 3.2, our successful yearly meeting with livestreams and the release of the Nodle R4S, there are a lot of other things that happened. Our weekly news, the new history of our project on the website and a lot of other small things that sum up to the success of our project.

For this hard work I want to thank all of the DMXControl team members that contributed this year.

But also a big thank you to our awesome community. This forum has a very good reputation especially for users which are new and you all are helping to keep this up. Therefore, thanks to everybody.

There is one topic area were we did not meet our expectations in 2019 and which is our wish for 2020: Documentation. Since years the documentation is lacking behind the development of DMXControl 3. With our current personal strength we are not able to change this situation. All our team members are double or triple involved in various activities, therefore we can't push our documentation activities without sacrificing other areas.

So this new year speech is also a request for help. We need support to advance our documentation. If you can imagine supporting us, please get in contact. It doesn't matter whether it's just for a single article in our Wiki or whether you plan to become a regular member of the team, every support is appreciated.

To conclude this I wish everybody a happy new year 2020 and that it will be as successful as 2019.

Best regards

Arne Lüdtke

1st chairman of DMXControl Projects e.V.