Association News - 19_KW44 - How wants to participate?

In addition to the exchange of information and mutual help if you have questions and problems, our forum is also a place for announcements of events where DMXControl is used. We are especially happy when different DMXControl users come into contact with each other through such events and exchange their ideas of using DMXControl. You are welcome to start similar activities via the following link: Events. So organize similar meetings in your area where we can also support you in a certain way.

Speaking of announcements of events: The Tonkollektiv of the HTW Berlin, Germany has asked if our DMXControl community could support the illumination of the Christmas party in the big auditorium of the HTW Berlin on December 14th. So this is a good opportunity for the Berlin and Brandenburg communities to get to know each other and exchange ideas. So be there :)

If you are interested, please contact [email='frank. burghardt@dmxcontrol. de'][/email] or get in touch with Frank via the forum.

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