Association News - 19_KW40 - What is happened with Hennes DMX-projects-website?

Some weeks ago, several members of our community pointed out to us that the website of Hendrik Hölscher with the numerous self-build projects around the topic light and DMX is no longer available. Since this did not look like a simple technical defect or the like, we contacted Hendrik directly. In response to our request, he replied that for various reasons, which we do not want to elaborate on here, he had specifically removed his website from the net and will not put it online again from his side.

Since we notice by our offer of the transceiver board in our shop and naturally also by your inquiries that the projects are still very interesting for you, we got the permission from Hendrik to make the projects accessible to you again on a long-term basis. But because we don't have a patent recipe for a solution yet, we refer you to a publicly accessible backup at until then:

Under this link you can find all information that was available at the time of the backup on February 05, 2019. However, we cannot guarantee at this point that this backup will be available in the long term. If there are any new developments, we will inform you accordingly.

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