Developer News - 19_CW38 - After the Convention is before the DevCon

During a year, we have two major events where we not only meet virtually, but face to face. After the larger event, the annual DMXControl Convention, again took place on the long Ascension weekend, it is now followed by the working meeting of the developers on the long weekend at the beginning of November. This year the meeting will take place in the south of Germany near Stuttgart, where a total of 8 developers have confirmed their participation. There will be a lot of discussions again at the meeting. Also the further development of our software projects (DMXControl 3, the DDFLibrary and the DDFCreator among others) will be discussed and like last year many milk slices and kinder pingui will be transformed into code lines ;) . Of course we will also keep you up to date via the usual news channels and report directly from the meeting.

Your :dmxclogo DMXControl-Team :dmxclogo