Did you know? Special #3 - The new Programmer

If you take a look at the previous programmer and compare it with the new one, you will immediately notice that there are a lot of new features. But before we go into the new features, we would like to show you again why this often underestimated tool in DMXControl 3 is so important.

The Programmer

After you've inserted the first spotlights, you probably want to adjust the lighting and save the changes in cues. So you start to select the devices in the Stage View and use the Device Control or the individual control windows to set the device functions such as dimmer, color or position. Have you ever wondered where these values end up? Right, in the Programmer! The Programmer is the central memory to store the values of the device functions and when you open the programmer window, all values are listed there. These values cannot be changed in the programmer, because the programmer is not intended for this, but you can delete individual entries.

The new Programmer

In DMXControl 3.2 the programmer was rewritten from scratch and set to the same system that drives the Stage View. This means that the display of the programmer is now calculated on the graphics card, which gives considerably more display options.

So werden nun nicht mehr nur die Werte einer Gerätefunktion angezeigt, sondern wo möglich wird der Wert auch visualisiert. Das ist im Bild z.B. an der Dimmer-Funktion zu sehen. Hier wurde ein Fanning auf die Geräte-Gruppe gelegt. Wie bisher wird das Fanning im Dimmer-Eintrag der Gruppe angezeigt (hier z.B. der Gruppe Empore). Neu ist jedoch, dass bei jedem einzelnen Scheinwerfer der Gruppe der resultierende Wert der Dimmereigenschaft angezeigt und entsprechend durch eine kleine Grafik visualisiert wird. Das ist unter anderem für die Dimmer-Eigenschaft, für den Shutter, die Farbe oder die Position möglich.

Now not only the values of a device function are displayed, but where possible the value is also visualized. This can be seen in the picture e.g. at the dimmer function. Here a fanning was put on the device group. As before, the fanning is displayed in the dimmer entry of the group (here e.g. the group Empore). What is new, however, is that the resulting values of the dimmer function is displayed for each individual device in the group and visualized accordingly by a small graphic. This is possible (among others) for the dimmer property, for the shutter, the color or the position.

If you move the mouse over one of the properties, an enlarged preview will be displayed, which is very helpful e.g. for the position, because otherwise it would be too small to recognize.

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