Developer News - 19_CW29 - Sommer break

We make every effort not to fall into this well-known summer slump. Since our annual meeting, we have been working as continuously as possible on two of our largest construction sites.

One is our Nodle Ready for Show. In our shop you can already pre-order it since some weeks. In the live-stream of the annual meeting you even had the opportunity to take it virtually in your hands. After the presentation (the first Nodle R4S found its way to Berlin just in time thanks to a lucky coincidence) the firmware had to be tested intensively and made fit for future updates. With a suitable configuration tool, this can now be elegantly installed on the Nodle R4S without further programming knowledge. Finally, a third position was missing on the packing list for the box of the Nodle R4S. Any attentive viewer of the livestream will certainly notice what we are talking about here.

A second big construction site concerns the long-awaited release of DMXControl 3.2. A few days ago the fourth beta version was released to our test team. In short, it will not be the last. In the meantime, the development team had fixed numerous bugs and further optimized new functions. But in the course of correcting errors, new errors have crept in parallel, which directly affect the new Softdesk. In the 4th beta version, this cannot be saved at all in a certain constellation, which partially affects the entire project. Furthermore, the Softdesk elements (buttons, sliders, etc.) now have a life of their own and begin to grow. Because these are not the only bugs that prevent a release, the beta test must be continued in the coming weeks. We had already hinted at it at the last update of the beta test and so we must repeat the last two sentences of the news from 11.05.2019 without any changes also at the end of this news: Even though some parts of the program are already running satisfactorily, the current status does not meet our requirements to provide you with a lighting control software that is as error-free and stable as possible. Therefore, we can't give a date today when DMXControl 3.2 will be available for you.

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