Association News - 19_CW21 - Lights off, spots on!

At the annual meetings of the past years, we focused primarily on content issues that we wanted to discuss at the meeting. Therefore, the item "light show" was deliberately missed out a bit. This year, however, everything will be different. After we last presented you a big light show and a beamer show at the annual meeting 2014 at the K14 in Berlin, you can now look forward to different light shows within the 10th anniversary of our club. Several of our club members are tinkering with their shows.

Although the light set-up is the same for all shows, we will take you on the open day on 01.06.2019 between the lectures on completely differently illuminated journeys to various pieces of music. As is well known, on the one hand every light operator has acquired his own handwriting over the whole years of his work at the light desk, which is difficult to describe. On the other hand, our club members present with their shows parallel also different basic features of working with DMXControl 3. So, you can not only experience music-synchronous shows live. We'll also show you how to do the same light set-up in club mode with a customized programming - a light show created live and spontaneously via Softdesk, keyboard and MIDI controller.

By the way, the equipment list for this year's light set-up is quite impressive: We bring three trailer loads with technology from all over Germany to Berlin. The "Tonkollektiv" and the student council of the HTW Berlin are also participating in this major project with their equipment. As of today, the set-up comprises around 90 devices, including 26 moving heads, 48 LED spotlights and a few more gimmicks. It remains to be seen whether this list will change in the short term. The suitcases, cars and especially the trailers of all participants are far from packed. A first tendency we can surely tell you with our news in the next week. In this sense: stay tuned!

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