Association News - 19_CW20 - Looking forward to exciting lectures

Our wish at the open day on the occasion of the 10th anniversary of the association was from the beginning not to simply use this anniversary to create another big light show. With our open day we would like to give you exciting insights and knowledge about the topic of light with a series of lectures.

We have designed the lectures in such a way, that all of you can find a interesting topic for himself. For those of you who have had only little contact with lighting technology and DMX and DMXControl 3, it will be already exciting at the beginning of the open day. In two lectures we will not only explain the basics of DMX, but also show you how to address your own equipment with DMXControl 3. This will be followed by a lecture on the effect of light. Here you will get an insight into how you can achieve completely different effects for the audience with a clever selection of colours and, above all, targeted positioning of spotlights. Our last two lectures up to now we will go a little more to the point with you. In this way you will learn how important sensor technology is in lighting technology. Furthermore, we chat a little out of the box about what it means not to sit next to each other for a software project like DMXControl 3. We talk about the resulting challenges and emerging problems in software as well as hardware development in this last presentation on our agenda, which you can also read on our special page for the Open Day at the HTW Berlin on 01.06.2019, where you can find also some updates in the schedule of the lectures.

All presentations should be interactive. All speakers will be available to answer any questions you may have during or after the lecture. So, you can discuss points with us in detail, they are very important for yourself.

Finally: Also, this year a livestream is on our agenda, starting at 20 o'clock. We are still not telling anything today about the content we are discussing there. But you can also look forward to one or two surprises here. And should you be curious and want to look behind the scenes? You are cordially invited to experience our livestream live on location.

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