Developer News - 19_CW19 - What is happening at the beta test of DMXControl 3.2 until now?

To take it directly and without digression in front: In many respects, the beta test does not progress to the extent that we would all have imagined. This is mainly due to private reasons both on the part of the developers and on the part of the beta testers, which is why some of them have just less time than they thought. But we can also report positive news in the same breath: In the last weeks since the start of the beta test some errors have been noticed. However, the errors known to date are not so serious that we would speak of fundamental problems at some point. Additionally, not all new features have been tested yet and not all errors found have been corrected.

To give you an insight, here are a few examples from the current beta test: With the Art-Net plugin, which has now been extended, accidentally required files were included incorrectly during development. DMXControl searches at the wrong place and so the Art-Net plugin doesn't work at this moment. The new Softdesk has already shown its strengths in several tests. But among other things the saving of the Softdesks does not yet work properly in certain cases. The new Radix feature also works with different Radix pixel arrangements and has already generated considerable effects in several tests. However, DMXControl 3.2 still has problems in the current beta version if you select several Radix devices with different pixel arrangements or insert them into a group. The completely newly developed Input Assignment, on the other hand, already works well and above all reliably. Despite complex constructs and numerous connections created in the projects of our beta testers, new connections could be created, and existing ones changed during the show – regardless of whether the inputs came from the Softdesk, the keyboard or a MIDI controller. Even the feedback eagerly awaited by many has already been successfully tested. MIDI on the other hand still causes some problems. The current situation is that changes to the rule set are saved incompletely and cannot be successfully loaded when the project is reopened. This is therefore also an item on the list that the development team must correct.

As you can see, these are common development problems that can be solved. However, the examples show that we are not yet ready to release DMXControl 3.2 soon. Even though some parts of the program are already running satisfactorily, the current status does not meet our requirements to provide you with a lighting control software that is as error-free and stable as possible. Therefore, we can't give a date today when DMXControl 3. 2 will be available for you.