Did you know? #21 - The Update Button

Be honest: Do you know the function of the update button in the left sidebar of DMXControl 3? No? Then you're not alone. We recently found out that even some DMXControl Projects e.V. members don't know what the update button is used for, although it is so present in the sidebar of DMXControl 3. Therefore we would like to clarify the trivial but very useful function here.

If you read "Update" and then also in such a prominent place, you might think it is a possibility to update DMXControl 3 to a newer version. But the update button is not meant for this. In addition, it seems that it is greyed out most of the time, which could lead to the assumption that its function is simply not implemented yet. But that, too, is far from being the case.

The time for the update button strikes when you want to update cues or presets. On the one hand, this can be done with the merge command of the "Add Cue" selection. However, this is cumbersome because you may have to click through several dialogues. Alternatively, you can simply load the cue / preset into the programmer, make the changes and update the cue or preset with a click in the update button. The programmer is then automatically emptied, so that you can continue working immediately afterwards.

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