Developer News - 19_KW04 - Betatester Live Session

After the Christmas livestream went well and DMXControl 3.1.3 was released, we wanted to get feedback about the new Input Assignment and the usability of DMXControl 3.2. Last Saturday we met with our beta testers for a virtual meeting, where about 10 people were present. We wanted to know whether the operating concepts in the new Input Assignment are so far consistent, or whether improvements still need to be made here.

Arne shared his screen with all members, so we had a live instance of DMXControl 3.2 available for discussion. After initial uncertainty, as this was a new situation for all of us, a lively discussion arose on various surface-related issues. For example, in the new Input Assignment we have discussed the two left columns with the inputs and outputs and how to display them. We also noticed, for example, that the update button in the left quick start menu is not used by many of those present, as the context does not make it quite clear what this button is actually for. We now want to implement this and some other discussed topics in DMXControl 3.2.

Altogether we discussed together for almost four hours and came to some good results. After both the beta testers and the association members have given a positive feedback, we will certainly conduct such a beta test discussion again soon.

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