Developer News - 19_CW03 - What is happened after the Christmas livestream?

On December 22nd, exactly one month ago, we gave you a live insight into the current state of development of DMXControl 3.2 and presented you a small selection of new features. We were especially happy that you brought us some great ideas during this livestream.

One of these ideas was to export the power distribution settings to a CSV file as well. This has now been implemented. Many parts around the new Input Assignment were further optimized and improved. In the tabular overview you will not only get more detailed information about the connections between input and output controls? Working with the new Input Assignment is also easier now, because this window can be docked in the user interface and you not have to close it if you are working in other parts of DMXControl 3. In the Input Assignment you will find now another input type: The Overload-Input. So if DMXControl 3 detects that the power consumption exceeds the set maximum value, you can trigger any action - just be creative here. In the meantime, general optimizations have also been carried out, especially with regard to the GUI. One point is directly related to the planned improvement of the documentation in our Wiki: We have extended the tooltips so that you can jump directly to the documentation in the Wiki from there.

But even if the development has already progressed further in some areas, there are still numerous of optimizations and corrections to be made. So there are still some weeks till we can start the beta test. In the meantime you maybe take a look at our Christmas livestream and the livestream about the new features of DMXControl 3.2 from our annual meeting in May. Maybe you can come up with more great ideas while watching both streams - we would be very happy and are very excited.

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