Did you know? #20 - The Cue Timing Editor

One of the scenes of Jens-Peter's show was described in our last Live@Work posting as follows: "The darkness that follows illuminates a warm white before a pulse travels through the church, colouring the church in orange and purple." This effect, which was created only with some LED spots, can be seen in the embedded video from minute 11:50 on. Although each lamp is addressed with a temporal offset, only two cues are needed in DMXControl 3. The decisive factor here were the Cue Timing Editor. Maybe you have already seen it, if you want to change an existing cue by double-clicking on the button in the first column of a cuelist. In the context menu of via cue it is mentioned too. But what is so special about the Cue Timing Editor?

The Cue Timing Editor is helpful if you want to fade in a lighting scene but want to fade in different properties of the devices with a time offset or with different fade times. To do this, you can use the Cue Timing Editor to individually set both the delay and the fade time for each device property stored in the respective cue. The whole thing is particularly effective if you work with groups of devices and use fanning operators here as well. In the specific case, three groups were addressed in one cue. The pulse comes to its full effect by setting the delay times for the dimmer and the color change with a fanning in the Cue Timing Editor. The timings of the cue itself are still used for the fade time. But of course, you can also deviate from this and set individual timings for every property of each group. But just try it yourself to find good locking effects.

With the Cue Timing Editor you can also save a preparation cue in many cases. So, you don't have to create a cue that sets all the color of the LED spots and another cue that fades in the spots. Instead you put everything in a single cue and set the fade time of the color to 0.

But if everything go too far for you: As soon as you remove a value from a cell in the Cue Timing Editor, DMXControl 3 will reapply the timings you set for the entire cue in the cuelist window. In this case you must not enter "0" in the fields in Cue Timing Editor. Otherwise, the values of the corresponding property are set without delay or fade as described.

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