Why do we not offer a direct support e. g. via e-mail?

Every now and then we receive questions about how to use DMXControl or we were asked for personal advice on lighting topics. We receive those requests both on our association e-mail account and sometimes by personal message in our forum to an association member. In this news we'd like to explain why we don't provide personal support and respond to such requests with a reference to the public part of our forum.

The main reason is the lack of time of the association members. No member is employed by the association DMXControl Projects e.V. and each member do the activities free of charge in his free time. As in other associations, the private or business matters of the individual members have priority over the work for the association. This leaves only a limited time for the association's work, which we would like to invest in the further development of our services. Individual support, for example by e-mail, is not possible in this way.

The fact that we don't answer direct support questions doesn't mean that association members don't also answer questions in the public part of the forum. On the contrary, we concentrate our answers on the forum, because here many synergy effects can be used. On the one hand, many members of the community support us in answering questions. On the other hand the forum is searchable, whereby also other users with comparable questions find an answer. Therefore we would like to encourage everyone (especially beginners) to ask questions in our forum.