Did you know? #19 - An environment variable for your profile directory

With the release of DMXControl 3.1.2, we have not only rearranged the program directory a bit, but since this release you can influence by adding an environment variable under Windows, where DMXControl 3 stores certain data and includes them again from this location. But first a step back...

You all know the DDF Library by now. Not only do we collect DDFs for DMXControl 2 and DMXControl 3 centrally and easily for the first time, but we also maintain the DDFs in the DDF Library, which are available on your PC after installation. DMXControl 3.1.2 is the first version to include the supplied DDFs from the DDF Library when assembling the installation file. Previously, the data was more or less accessible on our internal servers. This point, that DDFs are automatically included in the installation file after fulfilling certain criteria, required a change of the folder structure in the installation directory of DMXControl 3. Here we have separated your own DDFs locally from the delivered DDFs. At the same time, we orientate now a little more at the usual way, how Windows would like to work. This is related mainly to point, where all programs should store individually created data like user settings. Additionally, we solve the problem with the problems around reading and writing rights, which was shown often when you want to save your own DDF directly into the standard installation directory of DMXControl 3.

So that you don't have to search in the depths of possibly unfamiliar directories, the installer doesn't just add a shortcut in the Start menu to the directory with your own DDFs. Using the environment variable DMXC3_PROFILE you can move the entire directory with the user-specific data of DMXControl 3 to a completely different location on your computer, for example to an already existing directory where you store your own projects. This will not only give you direct access to the project data, but you will also find all your own DDFs with the corresponding images of the devices and the icons for the gobos in the immediate vicinity. This also simplifies the topic of backup or moving all needed data to another PC. In both cases you only have to copy one folder and then have on the second PC - provided the environment variable is also set up there - all settings and especially your own DDFs on site.

To set up the environment variable completely, you first have to think about and create a directory where the data will be stored in the future. So leave the Windows Explorer open in the background. In the next step you switch to the Control panel, or more precisely to the Advanced system settings, which you can find under System information. There you will also get to the dialog for managing all environment variables. The new variable DMXC3_PROFILE is added there as a new user variable. The value of the variable is the full path given by the Windows Explorer. In this example the path is D:\DMXControl Projects\Software\DMXControl 3. If you confirm all windows with OK, DMXControl 3 uses the new directory from the next program start. If you have used the default directory before, it is recommended to move all data manually into the new directory. More things you do not need to do.

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