Developer News - 18_KW50 - Current progress in the beta tests

After the start of the beta test for DMXControl 3.1.3 in the middle of October it is now time for an update. The beta test is still in progress, because even during the test, improvements were still being made and integrated. So we actually released the fourth internal beta version. However, the last release has the addition "RC2" in its name. This is a good sign for you, because release candidates are usually only created when the software is practically ready to release. In this state, we do our final tests. And indeed the developers have assured that DMXControl 3.1.3 will be released this year. When....? Let us surprise you ;)

Some of the highlights of the release are the new Undo/Redo function for changes inside a cuelists, fixes for the beat generator in DMXControl 3 and bug fixes for the autoprepare function in the cuelists. For the fourth highlight of the newest version, you should take a look in the following screenshot. In addition, many small detail improvements were implemented. Fox example Executor Pages can now be sorted. Also some problems with matrices have been fixed. So you can be curious about the new version.

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