Did you know? #18 - The DeskLamp

Larger mixing consoles normally have one or two: gooseneck lamps. These little helpers support you if you need some light for working during a performance, e. g. because you want to see the controls of the console or should read the text in the textbook. These lamps are so small that they don't attract much attention and, if possible, don't dazzle anyone (especially the audience). A small light source such as a gooseneck lamp on a PC is also a great help if you are controlling lights with DMXControl 3. Ideally, the brightness of the lamp can also be adjusted. This all is possible in DMXControl 3 with the DeskLamp. The Desklamp consists of either a USB adapter plug to connect existing USB lamps or a socket module for a self-built gooseneck lamp (more infos around the DeskLamp at https://dmxcontrol-projects.org/projekte/desklamp.html). If a DeskLamp is connected to a computer with DMXControl 3, a new entry appears in the QuickLaunch menu on the left side of DMXControl 3. More is not necessary. You can now control the DeskLamp directly and adjust its brightness.

In addition, effects can be assigned to the DeskLamp just like on a DMX-controlled device and settings can be stored in a cuelist. For this you only have to add the DeskLamp as a normal device via the Add Device dialog. It is important that the DeskLamp is connected to the computer during this time. Now the DeskLamp appears in the Stage View and behaves like a normal device.

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P. S. : The DeskLamp is now available as a kit in our shop (https://shop.dmxcontrol-projects.org/15-desklamp).