Association News - 18_CW47 - a real classic for our community shop

This board, which is the center of this news, has became meanwhile a real classic and a real multi-talent: the DMX transceiver board by Hendrik Hölscher. This board was and is the basis for many craft projects in the field of lighting, be it a DMX multiplexer, a simple dimmer or even an analyser for DMX signals. All these and other projects can only be realized quickly and easily by uploading the respective firmware to the microcontroller. This board is also very suitable for all those who want to gain their first experience in soldering and programming microcontrollers.

Since the platform originally chosen by the author of the board has discontinued its distribution, we have decided after a corresponding consultation to offer the board immediately in our own shop. But compared to the original we have made a small improvement here: the PCB is printed on the front, so that the allocation of the components is even easier. Who is now curious - all information about the circuit board and the associated projects can be found on the website of Hendrik Hölscher.

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