Developer News - 18_CW44 - The DevCon 2018 is ready to start

For DevCon 2018, the development team will this year meet in Dortmund. From 1st to 4th November the apartment of our club member Markus will be besieged. This time seven guests have announced that they will be staying from Thursday to Sunday. But it may not be necessary to create much space for sleeping accommodations, because there are a lot of tasks on the schedule for this DevCon, so that sleeping is rather unthinkable. Even during the meal, at least in the past, one hand was still hanging on the laptop or the next steps were discussed diligently.

The main focus for DevCon is already set in the run-up: The further development of DMXControl 3.2, which is already eagerly awaited by many. A release of version 3.2 directly after the meeting is unfortunately not to be expected. There are still to much open points on the to-do list. But in the context of DevCon some further pieces of the puzzle should come together. One of these puzzle pieces consists of the new Input Assignment, which will make the entire software many times more powerful than before in connection with the use of external input options. The team might also want to take a look at some of the bugs in the bugtracker, which will be fixed in version 3.1.3 as well. This concerns especially the open points from the beta test of version 3.1.3. The goal is to release version 3.1.3 before Christmas.

Which other points will be set spontaneously to the schedule, nobody can say it now. In any case, time will fly again.

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