Association News - 18_CW43 - New DMX interfaces for DMXControl community

In our big interface survey, which is now one year back, we found out that besides the DE- / FX5 interface, the Art-Net interfaces and the Nodle interface, the Enttec DMX USB Pro interface is also one of the most used DMX interfaces. For quite some time now we have been offering a corresponding output plug-in for DMXControl 3. But whether the interface continues to work properly and reliably in the course of the continuous improvements in the software, we were unable to test automatically on our hardware test server until a few days ago. But this is now a thing of the past: Last week the club invested in a new Enttec DMX USB Pro, which was installed directly after its delivery to the hardware test server.

In addition to the investment in the Enttec DMX USB Pro, we decided at the same time to purchase an Enttec DMX USB Pro MK2 for development purposes. This interface is currently not supported by DMXControl 3. With the now physically available DMX interface this will change. However, it is not yet possible to predict when the output plug-in will be ready to meet our stability and performance requirements. But, the developers have already taken a look at the interface.

A completely new output plug-in will anyhow be available in the next version of DMXControl 3, more precisely in version 3.1.3. This is an output plug-in which writes DMX data from DMXControl 3 to a file in "tpm2" format. These files can then be played by various stand-alone devices. Such a player is also offered by Ulrich Radig and can now be programmed with DMXControl 3.

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