Association News - 18_CW42 - Live@Work... The week afterwards

Normally you only hear from us daily during our annual meetings. Now, however, in the past weeks and months some so interesting jobs had take place from our club members, which we did not want to withhold from you. A single report about the completely different occasions, where both DMXControl 2 and DMXControl 3 were used, was not a real option. So we spontaneously started our first Live@Work-Week. And this Live@Work-Week had it all in the truest sense of the word: all five reports were written by the respective authors almost a day before. And since we now offer all the news in English as well, that was a very sporting task. Thus, a report was completed just in time for the planned publication date. Therefore the posts appeared almost parallel on our Instagram account - we wanted to avoid the complete news overkill as much as possible.

Since we are of course also happy about feedback on these special actions, we have also thought about something between writing the reports here: At the end of many videos would now come to the conclusion questions, among other things: "How did you like it?" or "Shall we do it again?" We would rather know from you: "Which of the five reports has helped you the most personally? In the forum you can find a small poll in the thread Review of the first Live@Work-Week, where we have also linked all five reports to you. By the way, we deliberately chose this question because, as an association, we do not only exist for our software. With our activities and actions in and from the association we would also like to give you ideas as well as many tips and tricks for the preparation and realization of light shows on the way - no matter on which occasion your light shows develop.

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